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Released DLAs Link to heading

  1. DLA-2588-1 zeromq3_4.2.1-4+deb9u4

  2. DLA-2594-1 tomcat8_8.5.54-0+deb9u6

  3. DLA-2605-1 mariadb-10.1_10.1.48-0+deb9u2

CVE-2020-119977 Link to heading

I investigated CVE-2020-119977, which was marked as guacamole-server issue. There were not so much information about this CVE. I was trying to analyze git log and git diff between affected and fixed versions without any visible success. After that I contacted upstream and they were very responsive!

This CVE affects guacamole-client only and the ancient versions in the archive is very difficult to fix. So I decided to mark this CVE as NOT-FOR-US.

Repositories with pipelines Link to heading

For most of packages, which I touched due to LTS work the new repositories were created in LTS packages group on salsa.d.o with enabled CI-pipelines. It really helps to test updates though some tests needs to be disabled for passing pipelines.

LTS-Meeting Link to heading

I attended the Debian LTS team IRC-meeting.

Debian Science Team Link to heading

I have prepared and uploaded following packages, which are maintained under the umbrella of Debian Science Team:

  • gmsh_4.7.1+ds1-5
  • vtk7_7.1.1+dfsg2-10
  • gl2ps_1.4.2+dfsg1-1~bpo10+1
  • vtk9_9.0.1+dfsg1-8~bpo10+2
  • sundials_5.7.0+dfsg-1~exp1
  • Prepared, uploaded and requested unblock for boost1.74_1.74.0-9

  • Moved 4 packages under the roof of Debian Electronics Team Team, which is a better place for them:

    • luma.core_2.3.1+dfsg1-1
    • luma.led-matrix_1.5.0+dfsg1-3
    • pyftdi_0.52.9-4
    • smbus2_0.4.1-3