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  • Communication: IRC/Email/Matrix
  • Work with issues, review merge requests.
  • Administrative work.
  • FD-duties (triaged: apache2, firejail, grub2, netatalk)
  • Main work on (E)LTS was the upcoming migration stretch->ELTS and buster->LTS. Update scripts, documentation:
    • Update script to generate the package list for the jessie and stretch separated
    • Updated find-work, check-eol, gen-ela scripts
  • Designed the script for the reporting worked hours (in work)
  • Done first one-to-one meeting

Other Debian activities Link to heading

  • Uploaded
    • boost1.74_1.74.0-16
    • yade_2022.01a-9
    • vtk9_9.1.0+really9.1.0+dfsg2-4, fixing #1012703
    • paraview_5.10.1-2, fixing #1012663, #1004817
  • Sponsored:
    • solvespace_3.1~rc1+ds1-1
    • gmp_6.2.1+dfsg1-1
  • Reviewed:
    • resampy
  • mass bug filing to remove vtk6 and vtk7

Other FLOSS activities Link to heading

  • First Yade hackathon was organized! Yade is an open-sources software (available in the Debian) which is using the discrete element method for the particle based simulation.