Boost C++ is a popular set of free, open-source C++ libraries that provide developers with powerful tools and functionality to enhance their software development projects. The newest version, 1.81.0, has been available in Debian Bookworm for about a month now, but the default version for boost-dependent packages is still the older 1.74.0.

The transition to the newer library has been postponed due to possible regressions that could take more time to resolve. This means that the default version for boost-dependent packages in Debian Bookworm will remain 1.74.0 until after the release.

If you’re working on your own project, you can use the newest version of Boost C++ (1.81.0) to take advantage of its new features and improvements. Debian Bullseye users can also access Boost C++ 1.81.0 from the bullseye-backports repository.

Thanks Freexian for supporting this effort.