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  • Frontdesk / update of internal scripts / administrative work.

  • Mark CVE-2009-4228 as not-affected (xfig)

  • DLA-3353-1 xfig_3.2.7a-3+deb10u1

    • CVE-2021-40241: A potential Buffer Overflow exist in (src/w_help.c:55). The length of getenv(“LANG”) may become very long and cause Buffer Overflow while executing sprintf(…).
  • DLA-3376-1 svgpp_1.2.3+dfsg1-6+deb10u1

    • CVE-2021-44960 The XMLDocument::getRoot function in the renderDocument function handled the XMLDocument object improperly. Specifically, it returned a null pointer prematurely at the second if statement, resulting in a null pointer reference behind the renderDocument function.
    • CVE-2019-6245 and CVE-2019-6247 issues were discovered in Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) within the function agg::cell_aa::not_equal. Since svgpp is a header-only library, the issue is only transitive in theory. As a result, only a dependency version hardening has been added to the control file.